Through the door of happiness

dsc_0993dsc_0991Hi lovelies,

I am now on a journey to plan ahead for better days and try to accomplish the things I enjoy doing the most. Do you ever wonder why some people seem to always make the best of their day ? I know I do. I always find it hard to complete all things on my to-do-list, sleeping late at night to meet ridiculous deadlines on boring reports and homework.

I’ve always enjoyed blogging and between my full-time job, launching my new business , school work and family time. There’s rarely any time left for creative blogging.

“Anything means everything.” To get the absolute best out of my daily schedule, I decided to change my routine a bit. The followings are some of the things Incorporated in my daily schedule to keep me sane.

  1. Sleeping early
  2. Waking up early
  3. Daily devotion
  4. Shorter to do list
  5. Notes on the go

My new routine includes sleeping and waking up early, this keeps me energized and the feeling of starting my day a bit earlier than usual keeps me on my game. Right when I wake up, I like to communicate with God and ask him for direction throughout my day. I now keep a shorter to-do list, I accomplish more once I started prioritizing my task and keeping them to a maximum of five items.Because I don’t have the leisure to write my thoughts every-single-day, I keep a notepad app on my phone and make it useful as much as possible.

Indeed I am learning to plan and adjust my self right through the door of happiness .



Hello loves,

Hooray, I had an awesome weekend. I am currently dreading that Monday is around the corner. Enough about my awful Monday experiences. Lately, I have been crushing on this style of dress. Cute for dressing up & dress down. The journey to getting myself an entirely fitted dress as this was not easy. It took me two trips to the mall and finally found this black one. On this post, I am dressing it up. Kudos to my photographer for these awesome pictures.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Traffic

Handbag: Ross


Muy Perfecto

Hello Darlings,

It’s Friday, I am quite excited about the week-end. Want to know why?  The office is now close on Fridays .😛😛 Too bad I have too much studying to do and won’t be to enjoy it as much.  Now, let’s talk more about my outfit . I wanted to switch it up a bit. I am leaving the blazers and dress up pants in my closet for this week-end. I look forward to welcoming this beautiful weather with my shorts. The weather here in Florida is starting to be something that I like. Not too cold nor too hot.  su muy perfecto!

Outfit Details

Shirt: Express

Shorts: Consignment Store

Shoes: Ross


My Brighter Side

Hello lovelies;

Absolutely, I had a wonderful weekend and menage to conquer the beginning of this week with my A+ game. During this weekend I took some time off to relax and rejuvenate myself.

“Remember that in order to be productive you also have to focus on relaxation.” 



Outfit Details

Shirt: Express

Shorts: Consignment Store 

Shoes: TJ Max



Hey fashion lovers,

 I recently purchased my first camera and I am very content with the outcome. There are so many looks and post I plan on achieving.  I think this camera will much better serve me on this journey rather than my IPhone 6plus.

Here is to improvement and empowerment . We all need a little push sometimes. I thank one of my best friend for bringing the best out of me and for constantly reminding me why I started this blog.


Outfit Details

Blouse : Ross

Pants: Marshalls

Shoes: MadRag 

Hand Bang: Thrift Store


Blog planing 

Hello, lovelies, it’s almost Friday, and I am excited for the weekend. This week has been a pretty exhausting week thus far; anyways, let’s move on to more important things, like this blog post of course. Lately, I have been trying to find the time between my busy schedule to blog more. The big question is, how to stay organized as a blogger? Do you just pick a day out of the week and dedicate that day to blogging? Do you have a calendar to plan out your ideas? These are the questions that I ask myself all the time. Although I have been blogging for a year now, I must admit I am not an expert, and there’s always room for improvement. On that note, I have been doing some research, and I feel like planning should be a good idea and possibly have a dedicated day as well could not hurt. I have chosen to post a blog post twice a week and keep a digital Calendar and notebook to keep me organized. I would love to know; how do you stay organized? Feel free to share some ideas with me and help inspire me to be more of an established blogger.   

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Trift Store

Jeans: Marshalls 

Shoes: Charlotte Russe